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Rosie Underhill
Combe Pafford School

I’m 20 years old and work in Torbay at a special needs school providing specialist education for children and young people that have mild to moderate learning difficulties and for children that are physically disabled. I am currently undertaking a level 3 apprenticeship in supporting specialist teaching and learning in schools. My apprenticeship will take between 18 months to 2 years to complete where i will then be a fully qualified level 3 teaching assistant.

What is the swyaan and what do you do as an ambassador?

Since joining the south west young ambassador network, i have been able to encourage, support and inspire the next generation of apprentices. Being part of the swyaan has also given me the opportunity to overturn some of the myths young people have about apprenticeships. I have been able to promote my organisation alongside engaging young people to consider undertaking an apprenticeship after they finish their academic studies at school or college.

What advice would you give to young people who might be considering an apprenticeship?

As an apprentice the advice i would give to someone considering applying for an apprenticeship is as follows:

✓ research all the possible apprenticeship opportunities in your area

✓ do something you enjoy as this will make working life a lot more enjoyable

✓ consider the different levels of apprenticeships

✓ don’t just think in the present look to the future

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