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Kickstart Workplacements

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The £2billion Kickstart scheme has launched and we’re calling on employers from all sectors to sign up.

What is Kickstart?

The Kickstart Scheme is a 6-month work placement for 16-24-year olds who are on universal credit and at risk of long-term unemployment.

We are looking to new, high-quality placements for young people, joining the national effort to get young people back into employment.

Why do we need it?

Young people, aged under 25, in the South West face the highest risk of unemployment in the South West due to coronavirus, with around 23% of all workers aged 25 and under working in affected sectors*

The Kickstart scheme will give young people the best possible chance of getting on and getting a job.

How will it benefit me as an employer?

The placements, for new jobs, will have their wages paid for up to 25 hours a week at national minimum wage. There is also £1500 per job placement, available for setup costs, support and training (paid when the placement starts).

Through the scheme you are able to access a large pool of young people with potential, ready for the opportunity.

You will be joining the national effort to support young people back into employment

Next steps

Employers from all industries and across the private, public and voluntary sectors can get involved.

Skills Launchpad has launched an information page for employers where they can access information about gateway organisations in the Heart of the South West who can support them hosting a placement.

Find out more on our Kickstart page.

*TUC data June 2020