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Maths, English and Digital Skills for employers

Having strong levels of maths, English, and digital skills is becoming more and more important in the working world and will continue to be in the future. Support and training is available in the Heart of the South West to help people develop these skills, whether they are unemployed and looking for employment, wanting to upskill in their current job, or re-skills to move careers.

As an employer there are many benefits to providing training for your employees, from improving productivity to helping with motivation and moral. Upskilling your employees can help you prepare for the Grand Challenges of artificial intelligence, an ageing society, clean growth or the future of mobility, and provide your business and staff with skills for futureproofing your workforce.

You may also wish to inspire and develop your workforce with apprentices and t-levels – find out more.

English, maths and digital skills are the cornerstones of training and essential for your workforce. You may find that operational mistakes show improvement, improve worker confidence, improve communication, and improvements to the overall business.

We are very fortunate in the Heart of the South West Hearts of the South West to have a wide variety of providers offering a range of courses to suit people’s levels of understanding, availability and needs

Currently courses at level 2 and below (including GCSEs) are free to any person who has not yet gained a GCSE grade 4 or above (C above).

Below are some of the local training providers who will be able to support you with find the best training opportunities around the Hearts of the South West.

Maths, English and Digital for Young People

Maths, English and digital skills are essential for entering the workforce or getting on a further education course to pursue your career of choice.

If you are studying at school for English, Maths and Digital Skills, you may want to explore additional resources and courses.

Follow our news and events for information about coding events, hackathons and more through our digital skills partnership.

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If you are not in education, employment or training, visit our NEETs page for information about how you can access support for English, Maths and digital skills.

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Maths, English and Digital Resources for Young People

Maths, English and Digital for Adults

Improving your maths, English and digital skills can help you find employment, improve your skills for moving careers, moving up in your current careers, or can give you access to a range of education options.

In the Heart of the South West there are many training providers who can help you improve your skills, from our training provider networks, to jobs clubs, in work schemes and adult education providers.

Maths, English and Digital Skills Resources for Adults


If you are not able to find the information you require about courses or potential providers, please contact skillslaunchpad@devon.gov.uk