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NEET (Not in education , employment or training)

Any young person aged 16-18 who is Not in Employment, Education or Training is classified as NEET.  Local Authorities are required to know the participation status of all young people in their area.

CSW Group provides the so called “tracking” service across the HotSW area and young people can expect to be contacted by one of the CSW team if their participation in post 16 learning has not been verified by a post 16 learning provider.  The aim is to help and encourage all young people to find the learning route that meets their needs.

In most areas (Plymouth, Devon and Torbay) the company also provides support to individuals who are NEET, advising them of their options and helping them to make a successful transition in to post 16 learning.

Further information on the support available from CSW Group can be found here:

Visit CSW Group website

There is further information on the Devon County Council website.

Visit Devon County Council website (NEET)

Somerset Education Business Partnership has resources for NEET young people in Somerset.

Visit Somerset Education Business Partnership website (NEET)

Somerset Skills and Learning (SSAL) provides training and courses aimed at young people (and adults too).  Further information can be found here:

Visit Somerset Skills and Learning website

The #Focus5 project provides unique, flexible, one-to-one support to young people aged 15-18 across Devon, Plymouth, Torbay and Somerset, who may be struggling to move forwards in life.

Visit CSW #Focus5 website

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