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Gemma Grice

Company- Hansford Bell

College- University of Plymouth

Apprenticeship- Chartered manager Work Based Degree

“I was looking to develop my skills within strategic business management. I wanted to be able to do this in a way that allowed me to utilise these skills in the workplace, putting newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Completing the degree apprenticeship was a new experience in balancing a career with academic studies. I have enjoyed the challenge this provided along with the feeling of achievement when each module was completed, and my knowledge and skills had improved. The biggest moment though was completing the apprenticeship and the sense of accomplishment that has come with it.

Whilst i have increased my skills which has allowed me to take on additional roles within the business, the biggest benefit has been to my confidence. By having a better understanding of strategic management by being able to practically apply it at Hansford Bell, I have been able to acknowledge and appreciate the skills I have and the value they bring.”

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